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What is CREATION Health?

Creation Health is an exciting plan for changing your life. Rightly applied, you will achieve mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well being.

Each letter of the word CREATION stands for one of the eight principles drawn from the Genesis story.

These eight essential components of health meld together to form the blueprint for health we yearn for and the life we are intended to live. Some of the concepts presented in the CREATION Health acronym will seem like common sense-because they are exactly that. Other concepts you may not have been as familiar with but will learn through the evidence of science.

Choice is the first step toward improved health. Our destinies are empowered and determined in large part by our choices. Making healthy choices is the key to lifestyle improvement.

Positive choices may include creating a personal mission statement, forming healthy habits, setting meaningful goals, and finding better balance. Research shows that people who believe they have more control over their lives tend to be healthier and live longer.

Rest comes with both a good night's sleep and taking time to relax during the day. It includes having a weekly day of rest and enjoying a regular vacation, which allows one to slow down. The stress and pressures of life can accumulate over time and create a generalized "dis-ease" with life. Research indicates that relaxation techniques, when practiced on a regular basis, can lower blood pressure, change one's mood and in general counteract the everyday effects of stress.

Environment is what lies outside our bodies yet effects what takes place inside us. Everything that affects the senses-sight, smell, sound, touch and taste-influences health either positively or negatively. Research demonstrates the health value of our larger environment (air and water quality) as well as one's immediate environment (light, sound, aroma and touch).

Activity includes stretching, muscle development and aerobic activity. The goal is to be active physically, mentally and spiritually. The best kind of physical activity (like a walk in a park with friends) also enhances the mind, spirit and relationships. Activity should be enjoyable and an integral part of your lifelong health. Research indicates that an increase in activity translates directly into improved health.

Trust in Divine Power ensures that your life has a sense of purpose. It speaks to the important relationship between spirituality and your overall health and well being. Our faith, beliefs and hopes all affect our health. Research demonstrates that people who have an active trust in Divine Power experience a host of health benefits including a stronger immune system, less heart disease, lower blood pressure, and higher life satisfaction.

Interpersonal relationships are important to your health and happiness. Knowing you have the support of others can fortify your resolve and contribute to improved health. It is found in those moments when one allows an aspect of true self to be shared; when we open ourselves up to the power of one heart touching another. Conversely, loneliness or toxic relationships can contribute to a downward spiral in overall health. Research has demonstrated the importance of family, friends and support groups in recovery from illness.

Outlook is a gift given to yourself. A positive mental attitude colors our life perspective and influences how we view our world and the people in it. It also affects the amount of hope and joy you experience. Research indicates that attitude is more than a state of mind. It influences health in powerful ways and can even impact the progression of disease.

Nutrition is the fuel that drives our bodies. Research shows a balanced diet produces energy and overall health. Of all the nutritional choices available, two are guaranteed to improve health and enable one to live longer: eating less and eating higher quality foods. Take time to evaluate your food intake and remember even small improvements, done on a regular basis, can multiply the health benefits may times over.

Creation Health 3-Day Rejuvenation Weekend

During the weekend you will receive personal instruction from the CREATION Health team and a Florida Hospital Physician. This is not a spa-weekend filled with fluff and buff activities. It is a weekend to come and discover balance and Whole Person Health through healthy vegetarian meals, light physical activity, solitude time, and meaningful discussions.

You Should Attend If You Want to:

  • Discover the secret weapon for unleashing the power of change in your life
  • Learn the six steps to jump-start your personal journey to success
  • Find out the easy way to motivate yourself to get more exercise
  • Find the key that may be missing from your most intimate relationships
  • Learn four things  you can do to reenergize your environment at home or at work
  • Discover two truths about food that can save your life...or ruin it
  • Understand how to transform your thoughts to ensure your success
  • Learn one thing you can do anytime, anywhere to find peace in the midst of crisis

Come with an open mind and be prepared to learn, to grow, to rest, to read, to write, to walk, to eat healthy, to talk and interact with the CREATION Health team and fellow retreat members. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn the secrets of living life to the fullest!

More Weekend dates are coming soon! Keep checking back and as dates are confirmed they will be posted right here. Thank you.


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